TLC House Indiana

A non-profit Women's Shelter for survivors of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE

About TLC House Indiana

Angola's Domestic Violence Emergency Shelter for Women and Their Children

Definition of Domestic Abuse:   

"The establishment of control and fear in an intimate relationship through the use of violence 

and/or other forms of abuse."

Meet our awesome Board members, enthusiastic volunteers 

and amazing community of supporters who are committed 

to helping battered women and their children escape domestic violence abuse. 

Can you help?

We need your support to sustain our critical services to those suffering a domestic violence crisis.

Our Services


TLC House Indiana provides emergency housing and critical services to women and their children escaping domestic violence. 

Overview of Our Services:

  • 24/7 Emergency women's shelter for battered women and their kids
  • Crisis Counseling and Therapy Programs for group & individual sessions  

  • Long-term housing options

  • 6-month after care program
  • Vital resources and personal supplies for women and their kids
  • Access to free adult healthcare and kid's medical services
  • Job training and transportation assistance to job interviews when available

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Our Mission of TLC House Indiana


"TLC House Indiana empowers survivors of domestic violence with tools for escape, self-sufficiency and recovery from domestic violence abuse." 

  • We will provide a "safe house" for YOU --A group housing, emergency shelter for battered persons, women and their children. 

  • Our staff will endeavor to empower you, as survivor of domestic violence with the ability to make significant choices and to solve problems related to your current life in efforts to end domestic violence. ​

  • TLC will help you make the transition from an abusive environment to one of a safer, self-sufficient life, free of abuse and violence.

Together, TLC House Indiana and you can end the generational cycle of domestic violence, date rape, stalking, and sexual assault. 

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